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Epiphone FAT-210 Seafoam Green Modded - "Debcaster #2"

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My affection for the Epiphone S series continues with my latest mod. I picked up a 2001 Batwing Seafoam Green FAT-210 last year and finally put it into working condition. As you probably know, the S-200/S-210 is the low, low end of the S Series. I like Seafoam Green so when the opportuniy to get one cheap I did.


I upgraded the tuners to Wikinson sealed types. I tossed out the cheap diamond back tunners & drilled out the tuner holes to 10mm. The new tuners went on with no issues.


Next I rounded up the pickups. A Mighty Mite P90 bridge 7.95K, Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails 2.6k neck, and an Artec Filtertron 6.19k middle were installed.


I had Terrapin Guitars make a mint colored pickguard for it and a custom truss rod cover. A bone nut and Schaller strap locks were also installed.










At the very end of the rear headstock was one of those Epi lables that says "100% set up in the USA". It was looking a bit ratty and was oddly placed so I took it off. Gues what? Under the lable it was a stamp that reads "2ND". Ah! Seller deception!


The guitar is based on Debbie Davis' guitar "Baby Blue". A year ago I did a Squier Bullet up in a simialr fashion that I named Debbie.




This one I named Debbie II.


Well, she's no 2nd any more!



These shall hencefore be known as "Debcasters" with the approval of Debbie Davies herself.

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