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S-310 Rick-A-Fied Jetglo


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Next up is my Rick-a-Fied black Jetglo S-310. This guitar has a lot of sentimental value to me because of the middle pickup.


In Oct 1970 I finally got my first decent electric guitar. It was a 1968 Rickenbacker 420 Mapleglo - a single pickup model that I traded in a terrible Hoffner 12 string for.




Around 1973 I swapped out the Rick Toaster for a Gibson humbucker. I traded the 420 off in 1975 after hacking it up with two more humbuckers (I found another 420 Mapleglo in March of 2000 after a two year search. Un-modded and that's the way it will stay this time :) ). While my 420 was gone I still had the original pickup!


The 1968 Rick Toaster pickup was put on my Grestch Duo-Jeck in the neck position and stayed there for 40 years until I replaced it with a TV Jones Filtertron two months ago. Now that the Rick Toaster was available I had to find a home for it.


I decided to put it on my Jetglo (black) S-310 that I was upgrading as the S-310 is a three pickup guitar and has a middle position pickup. Here's the S-310 as I got it off of eBay:




Nothing fancy just another Strat look-a-like.



Here's the finished S-310











To round out the S-310 pickups I decided to use a 2000 Rickenbacker HB1 humbucker for the bridge that I had and a 1999 Epiphone mini-humbucker that came out of an Epiphone Les Paul Deluxe for the neck. The mini humbucker matches the the Rickenbacker pickups nicely in size. Schaller strap locks were added.



Here's the back of the pick guard with the pickups:




To get the pickups to fit I had to do some routing of the body. The Rick pickups have a wide base that are hidden under the pickguard but need body clearance to mount properly.




Terrapin guitars made the pickguard & custom truss rod cover for me. They do fantasic work!




My Rick 420 had a guitar strap that I had bought in 1969 for the terrible Hoffner 12 string. The strap held the 420 then held the 73 Les Paul Deluxe that I traded my 420 in on. After I sold the Les Paul it held my Gretsch until it just fell apart and could not be trusted to hold a guitar. I retired the strap but kept it. Two years ago I found the old 60's strap and had it stiched onto my Gretsch Duo-Jet strap. There was a bit of the starp leftover that I kept so I had it stiched onto this S-310's strap.




So now the Rick Toaster is back in the middle of a guitar where it belongs, held up by a bit of the strap that held it 40 years ago. And it's now given new life to a '94-94 S-310. I'm glad I kept the pickup and strap remains!

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