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L00 Legend clip


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It's not a very good recording, but it does give the feel of the guitar. I use a plastic thumb pick and metal fingerpicks, just like this guy, and it really brings an "in your face", cheeky voice out of the guitar. It doesn't have the sustain of a big box, but you can't beat it for raggy blues and country-style fingerpicking, where you don't want much sustain.


It is my favorite guitar right now for Rev. Davis and MJ Hurt type of stuff, which is what I am concentrating on.


Best guitar I own for just sitting around and pickin'. Has a real old-timey feel and voice. 1 3/4" nut (44.5mm) and 2 3/8" (60.4mm) pin spacing are just about perfect for fingerpicking. I'm still looking for a vintage one to go with the Legend, but the Legend is awfully good, and most of the vintage ones are both very lightly built (a bit fragile at 75 years old) and very expensive.


For a lot less money, the L-OO TV is a superb value, and I highly recommend it if you can't find a Legend.

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