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Congratulations to both Kennis and Twiz! Very nice collections You two have!


Kennis! Think it over! If the Strat goes, it won't be back!


Twiz! That slab-bodied LP is fantastic! The Tele Custom too!


Cheers... Bence

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The white V is getting new pickups, "Cold Sweat" from BKP with cream bobbins, a black Floyd rose, and various other black and cream parts so that absolutely everything on it, except the strings and pole pieces, is either black or cream.



I'm selling the strat mainly because I need the money. Since I bought both Vs and the Midtown last year I promised my girlfriend I'd sell one of them to reimburse our savings a bit, and I need to finally buy her a ring.

Also, although the strat is beyond awesome to play, the neck is amazing, the accessibility of the volume pot, the vibrato and it being so comfortable to sit with makes this a very hard decision, but the look just doesn't strike me like a Gibson does. And the sound just doesn't speak to me, or more to the point, doesn't speak for me.

And as I'm addicted to DIY customizations, and there's just nothing I'd want to change on this baby...


I guess at heart I'm just a shameless Gibson fanboy :-P

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