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NGD- Midnight Ebony Tribute Plus


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I've been GASing for one of these for quite a while, and she's my first set-neck guitar since my '68 Gibson SG. I ordered her from the local GC, got her in three days, and she showed up without a scratch. After trading in my black Junior, modded LP100, and a crappy Kustom 100w SS head, I paid $436 for her. A really decent case came with her, as well as strap locks (which are... eh, we'll see). She's really beautiful; the color is a blackish-green tint (which is what I expected) and the top and binding are very nice. She is heeeavy as well, which I really like :)


I polished the frets, which were a bit rough, and scraped & oiled the fretboard, then gave her a setup with new Beefy Slinkys. A couple of small bridge adjustments later, and voila! She plays and sounds killer, with more sustain than I need. The '57s are really great pickups; nice and bright, with great clarity, clean or dirty. Every piece of the guitar seems to be very high quality; I'm used to my cheaper Epis that end up stripped down and every component replaced. No such mods needed here, so far.


I'm very happy with her so far and look forward to gigging and recording with her.















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Congrats on the new guitar. Epi really hit the mark with the Tribute Plus. I got mine just after Christmas and its been my main guitar ever since. Enjoy. [thumbup]

When you get into the upper end epi Les Paul's you have one nice Les Paul i have a ultra3 and i am thinking of a tribute

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I love my Tribute Plus, I think it's as good as anything Epi currently offers. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine. Congrats and HNGD. =D> =D>


I think I might have given you congrats at MLP too as SJM. No matter, it's worth a second nod, these Gits are as good as any LP I've owned or played.

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