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85 "The Paul" - looking for pics?


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Hi guys. Sold both my Gibsons...le waah. Anyhow, my b/f has a real nice 79 strat he's looking to sell or trade & a guy who has an 80's The Paul in Wine Red is interested. From what we've been able to discover, this guitar was only produced in 1985 with this finish, and was discontinued in 86...but we can't find ANY pics of it anywhere. The guy hasn't sent any yet, and we'd like to get a clue as to what he's SUPPOSED to have. :D The Pauls we have seen have no archtop (like Les Paul Special)- just beveled edge. No binding on neck, according to specs. 2 Humbucker p/u's- open? If anyone can help I'd sure appreciate it. Meantime, hope everyone is gearing up for the holidays and stayin cool.


dang...sorry...this should have gone into Gibson Electrics...

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I think "The Paul" was made from 1978 to 1984. The first models were made from walnut (as were "The SG"s). Around 1980 2 more models were introduced: The Paul Deluxe, and The Paul Firebrand. These were made from mahogany. The firebrand had the Gibson logo literally branded into the headstock. I've heard that the firebrand guitars were not quite as good as the walnut versions. Apparently the walnuts are referred to as 'coffee table bursts' due to the more attractive grain of walnut.


Here is a walnut "The SG" I was doing some work on it, and the marks on the body are just masking tape.


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Actually, guitarest, that is a les paul, not a "the paul". The paul was one of the "firebrands" (if I remember correctly) and it was one of those ideas gibson launched to be more accesible... it didnt last. Note that it did have differences with the Les Paul, as the firebrands' "The SG" had differences with the standard "SG", I think the most notorious is the headstock color (unfinished, just wood) and the position of the selector switch on the paul.


Google is your friend, but, he is my friend too, so I asked google and then hit "image results" and this is what my friend Google came with:


Here you can see many pics of one, and some info:



here are some pics:







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