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an awesome day


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when you're playing guitar on a quiet stretch of Guadalupe Blvd on a Sunday evening... for what you think is an audience of Pecan trees and an occasional jogger... and Bobby Whitlock of all people walks up and listens then tells you "Your playing man... touched my soul." You can rest assured it was an awesome day...


Yesterday was an awesome day.

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i know, right?! i was jammin with my podna Gary workin on our new acoustic setlist. and we were hangin out at park under a pecan tree and this guy walked up and just listened for a while. i paid it no mind until he came up after we ended a tune and sat down for a couple minutes...


when he introdudced himself, it took a while for it to sink in. He lives here in Austin now, and maybe not a huge deal, but kind words comin from a guy who made some incredible rock & roll AND lived to tell about it is pretty rad!!!


he & his wife were walkin their dog!


you never know who you might meet pickin & a grinnin.


play on, ya'll.




Bobby Whitlock as in Bobby Whitlock like in Bobby Whitlock?


Holy crap dude. If you see him again, tell him I said Hi!



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