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I am finally, officially, in the Gibson Owners Club.


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It's taken its time, but I finally have my Gibson - late last week I did the deal on an '08 J45 MC. Flipping heck (that means WOW before I create any further language threads -sorry again!!), I love the hog. Was thinking I was more a RW'er to start with, but once I and her warm up, its love. I've played a fair few of them now, but still the versatility amazes me -and that fact that even I can sound above average on it is great!! Jinder - I think you'd recognise it as Gav's...


I would put pics up, but I'm afraid it is exactly what it says on the tin!! But most importantly, she's mine...


Sorry for the new thread, but I thought now that I have one, I can officially be here [-X/

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Am more than happy to be a GOOF. In fact, if anyone can find an acronym for GEEK, that would be great -as I certainly fulfil the criterium!


Albert - I will sort some pics out!


In reference to my first song, may I "set the scene".... I have only been playing for a couple of years, so my abilities are far less than many of you here (but it's why I LIKE it here - there is no elitism), and I also am a bit of a beater/strummer rather than picker, and mainly "pop/rock" (I hae pigeon-holing), so forgive me if they are a little off the cuff than what is often referenced here - so my first songs, in homage to GillianGirl, are below:


Jason Mraz - The Remedy (Purely because I start a barre Gminor, and it just went that way!)

Simon and Garfunkel - Only living boy in new york

Oasis -Don't look back in Anger

The Jam - That's entertainment


And my least proud moment - I'm not sure our transatlantic friends would have heard of it, but I doubt the UK folk will approve either:


Slade - Merry Xmas Everybody! (search for it on youtube... if you dare!)


I know. I'm sorry - it is sinful.......... Can I explain?! A christmas gathering, a singsong, some Ringwood Ale. I know it doesn't justify such sacriledge, I can't believe it's one of the first songs I played on my J45.. .shocker!

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that is one great J45. One of the best I have ever played, in fact. Congrats Austin! You may have spotted your guitar onstage at our Royal Albert gig you came to, I know Gav used it there. He was mad to sell it, but I'm glad it went to a good home!

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Hi Austin,

I see you live in God's fair city! I am close by, just outside Romsey. Maybe we should let our J-45s meet? Mine's a 2005 lefty. I tend to play my custom Moon more these days but my J-45 is a wonderful all-rounder.

i also (try to) play S&G & a couple of Oasis numbers, plus loads of Eagles, Beatles, REM etc. Recently I've been exploring the wierd & wonderful world of Bluegrass & would love to find a like-minded masochist!

This is me with my trusty J-45....




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Hey Austin


Firstly congrats etc from another UKer, (we're all coming out of the woodwork now).

Secondly, I've just been working out and rehearsing that very Slade song in readiness for a performance on local radio tonight, however my weapon of choice for that song is an Epi Hummingbird. Still don't know if it makes it ok though!!

Play whatever you like dammit, I might even be playing Wham's Last Christmas and the latest Take That tune aswell!!!!!!!!!


Enjoy it.


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