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I been on the look out for an acoustic amp for playing small coffeehouse type gigs. I found out a friend of my son has run into some difficult financial circumstance and needs to sell some gear. He was selling 2 amps a Behringer ACX1000 and a Vox valvtronics AD50. He was asking $250.00 for both.


Both amps are clean with very little wear and aside from the broken V on the Vox in terrific shape


I'm gonna give the Vox to my son.


The Behringer is a cool little amp with a separate line in for a mic if venue lacks sound system. Some nice preset effects too.




I'm on vacation this week so I've got some time to play with the acoustic. Initial opinion is very positive.

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Talkin to yourself is the first sign Cookie.......... B)


Nice score BTW.



lol, I know ZK. Thought I'd have a laugh at my own expense. I realize ya gotta post pics of a Marshall stack if ya wanna garner some attention on here.



Next thing ya know I'll be posting pictures of all my Fenders.msp_scared.gif

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