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Iv'e had 3 white Gibson's also a LP studio,SG,and since Xmas a white Melody maker Explorer.The Studio was in a beautiful Gibson hard case with that pinkish/light purple shroud.After a hot summer the color of the shroud started to bleed into my LP,I was getting small pink streaks both on the front and the back.Soon I started wrapping the LP in a White towel before putting it in its case,so cookiemanis definatly correct.As much I like white on certain guitars and I dont know if it is only Gibson's paint job that melts.Just keep an eye on them even the black soft case will put black streaks on you axe's finish so be careful.As killer as my Studio sounded and looked when new with gold hardware and an ebony fretboard the pink streaks just took so much away from it.

BTW cookieman great picture where did you find it.Also and BTW Enmitygaugedcongrats on the new axe great collection.

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My car is silver. I also have some blue Gibsons.


I didnt go in looking for that guitar I was actually just looking for a Keeley pedal and saw is. First the coil tap caught my attention. Then I played it and was meh.... the coil taps dont work like a true coil tap they put a resistor in it and it cuts out one side which gives a lot more bottom end sound than a real single coil.


But I picked it up and It had been sitting on the Fender stands and had yellow marks where they had left it. They tried to cut and polish to remove it but it wouldnt go.


Having a couple of white guitars I knew a secret to stains. If you get the gibson string cleaner. and very lightly rub some in to the area with a polishing cloth. Very lightly it takes the nitro off a little. remove the stain and quickly apply the gibson polish and its perfect. no more stains. I ended up getting this guitar for cost. or 60 percent off list price. Because of the stains. A little time and skill and its as good as new.


Yes as you can see by the Junior in the middle it picks up everything. its almost cream now.

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