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So happy with my new Korina V


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Nice playing!


Beautiful guitar. I have an Epi Korina V too. I changed the pickguard to a black one, really looks nice that way.


Thank you! Love it more each time I play it. gave a Gibson V too, this Epi is just as great, maybe even better. Tone by the ton!

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Awesome dude!


Thank you! I predict this very instrument will be my future #1 for rock-type gigs. It is, actually, better sounding and playing than my '93 '67 reissue Gibson V. It's as if the Korina gives the Epi a tone that is both clearer and meatier at the same time. Very inspiring, as you can see :)


And playability? After a pro setup, I can genuinely say that this Korina V is the best-playing instrument I've ever had. The neck is dead straight, the action unbelievably comfortable. The thing virtually plays itself. It's now in for an electronics overhaul, since the original smaller pots turned out to be real noisy and linear to boot. i prefer logarithmic pots, since I work my dirt/volume balance all the time while playing, especially so when using fuzz. We're going to use 500k CTS pots.


Also, my tech suggested that he paint the control and pickups cavities with shielding paint, to minimize noise, especially when turning down the volume controls. Can't wait to pick it up on tuesday! Then, it's off to rehearsal! :)

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