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This is my first post. I purchased a Epiphone 62 Sheraton Re-issue last month. I just got finished with installing new strings and intonating it. When I pulled the plug out of the jack the nut and washer came off and the jack fell into the body. Needless to say I was pissed. After uttering a plethra of oaths and kicking myself for not tighting the nuts and such when I received the guitar. I looked in my tool chest and selected the following tools:


Small pair of curved hemostats.

Jack gripper. (Holds the jack in place while tightening the nut

ESP Spanner Tool


You will need another set of helping hands. (My daughter was my assistant)


Now the fun begins:


I turned the guitar upside down and while holding a mini maglite in my mouth,and gently shaking the guitar, I was able to get the jack to fall back into the hole. I noticed that there is barely enough threads sticking through to attach the washer and nut. I took the hemostat and placed the nut and washer on it. While my daughter held the guitar upside down, I placed the tips of the hemostat in to the jack and opened them up. This held the jack in place while I slid the washer and nut up and got the nut to start on the threads. I then inserted the Jack Gripper and tighened the nut with the spanner. Note it took several attepts and alot of cussing before I was able to start the nut.


Now a bit about me. I have been playing guitar on and off for about 45 years. I have always loved playing guitar. I presently have the following Guitars:





Ultra Swede




Les Paul Studio

62 Reissue Sheraton


Stratocaster HSS




O. Schmidt:

6 string acoustic



Fender Frontman 25

Carlsbro GLX

Behringer GMX 212

Plus many stomp boxes, tuners and other goodies.

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Welcome to the forum !!

as already stated, it sux having to work on a brand new guitar, but, it's the new norm I guess...

How are you liking your '62/50 Sherri ?? i've had mine about 6 weeks & it has quickly become my "go to" guitar as it plays and sounds absolutely great.

The materials and workmanship on mine are both absolutely top notch, and mini-hums are a whole different world!

It has actually become my "if I could only keep ONE guitar" choice.....over a handful of Gibbies & Fenders

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In an emergency, or lacking a Jack the Gripper, you can use a flat-bladed screwdriver - the one on a Swiss Army Knife works pretty well. Just insert it in the jack until the taper locks it in, then tighten the nut with a thin wrench.


That is a good tip as well. Since my jack fell into the body, using a flat blade was out of the question.

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