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Is Gibson planning to drop the True Vintage line ?


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Was having a chat with a chap on the AGF who bought a HB TV (obviously super happy with it) and during our little conversation he told me how the Gibson dealer from whom he bought the Bird said to him Gibson is planning to stop the True Vintage line.


Does anybody know if this is the case, and if yes, why on earth would Gibson want to do that ?


These things seem to sell like hot cakes and with the premium they hold I reckon make a decent margin.


This chap was from Denmark however, so I imagine a fair bit of communication breakdown could be possible between the long distance of Bozeman to Scandinavia ..

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You would need a warehouse to store all of the rumors that have popped up about Gibson and Fender over the years. I do not have a clue about Gibson's future plans. Henry J. has not confided in me lately. But I cannot see Gibsn dropping a line of guitars that really rakes in the bucks for them. If they did it would probably be to introduce a new line. So probably would be the same old guitars with a new moniker.

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and nothing will sell a fresh batch like a rumour that they're going to be stopped.....


A ) They're still 'recipe made' guitars coming from a manufacturing company.

Bb ) They sell at a higher premium than the Std model with minimal structural changes in design

B ) They do not require a more skilled workforce than those producing the Std line.

C ) There are limitations to the variance of the designs but none to marketing approach and none to the lust for generating money

Db ) Even if they do, it will just be renamed and sold under a different marketing platform

D ) Henry will still take a lambasting on guitar community boards

Eb) AGFers will still tell you you've been duped and paid too hight for a crap guitar

E ) People with strong thud & thump will want piano like bass and post about GAS

F ) PIano bassers will want more thud & thump and post about GAS

Gb) Van the man will remain far higher up the burst list than P.Fox

G ) Gibson opened up another production line at Montana increasing shift patterns recently

Ab) Perhaps we will see a True Vintage reissue one of these days.... ;)

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Gibson seems to discontinue and then bring back most every line of guitar they produce at one time or another. There was even something said in here yesterday (I think) about J60's being made again. I suspect that much of it is very smart advertising that is intended to be spread by stories and gets lots of people talking about Gibson. This has happened numerous times and I believe it is intentional. Smart too. Great advertising and it doesn't cost much.

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