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It looks like trying to find a set of .012's that feels like a set of .011's is like trying to find a pair of 10 1/2 shoes..that are made a little larger so that they fit an 11 sized foot.

It's just not worth the trouble.


So far mainly to improve Martin D sound..

Tomastik Infeld Spectrum .012...ok for a few days but pretty much the deadest string of all time.No projection ,a real con.

Newtone Master Class .012-52 & 12-56.. nearly dull but decent volume & projection but feelng no more flexible than hex core.

DR Rare 12-54..very similar to Newtone..off they came in 2 hours..

Elixir 80/20 Nano 12-53...good sound, but I need thinner strings.

EXP 12-53 PB ..decent feel..ok sound but too brassy & metallic.

Elixir PB..12-53..not good enough.


So far Ernie Ball Super Slinky PB .011-.052...pretty good sound..pretty good feel.

It seems when I specified to Martin Custom Shop a responsive top that will react to light strings they actually did it.

That guitar sounded more responsive and better & louder with these than any of the .12's

The heavy strings may be choking this guitars tone.

Still looking but

from now on its gonna be .011's

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