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Speaking Of Lacquer Finishes -- Has Anyone ever located 'Wipes' for a Guitars' finish ?

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I take my old flannel sheets, cut them up into 2'x2' squares, put them in a drawer and walk over and get one when it's time to clean a guitar. I moisten a paper towel, wipe off one side of the guitar at a time and then, immediately, buff that side until it's clean and dry, repeating as necessary. Sometimes I use an old white tee shirt instead of the flannel. Save your bread for another guitar!

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You could try their web page...






Rather than spending a lot of money on wipes you should look at getting something in a spray bottle.


I use Godin Luthier Grade Guitar Polish which works very well and contains no silicon (very bad if you ever need to have any refinish or touch up work done)





Much cheaper than wipes...

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