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I hate Fenders


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I hate fenders too




OOPS! Wrong Fenders!


Actually, I have a MIM Strat and a Squier Thinline Tele, so I don't really "hate" Fenders.


Nice collection Cookie! Edit: You to Surf, your post beat me to it.

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Nice collection. Although, after playing with a Gibson on a marshall jcm amp and switching to my American strat lonestar, the tone felt a bit weaker even at the pearly gates pickup mode! But hell, they are great guitars!

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I'm a bit of a Fender nut...like many Gibson players... [biggrin]


Love the 'different' ergonomics, woods, p/u's etc


Current quiver includes...


Jazz Bass(fretless)

USA Strat

Texan B-Bender Tele





Love 'em to bits... [thumbup]





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wow Cookieman...you had me going !! was wondering if you'd burned your EC or something.....


I love Fenders too....my current stable:

American Deluxe Strat '10

Mexi-Fat Strat '11

Mexi-Tele '07

DeArmond by Guild/Fender x-155 '98 (1st year of only 3)


but my favorite 2 "Fenders" were built (ok, assembled) by...me



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Glad I could help. [biggrin] Looks nice too, Cookie. What is it?



It's a Mark Knopfler Sig strat. I wanted a strat with a rosewood neck and I personally love the Texas Special single coils although many don't. I can get some real sweet blues tones out of her and when just using my fingers she really shines. Oh yeah and that color fiesta red or hotrod red whatever they call it now days is hot.


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