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HNGD - 00 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Plus


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I was following this on e-bay and last Monday night, April 22, I stopped at my local bar for half price burger night.


2000 made in Korea, humbuckers replaced with EMGs, two small dings.



I put in $295 as my high bid (which I constantly do, and did to 2 other guitars that were ending) and low and behold, Tuesday morning I found out I won.


Initial thoughts, got it for a good price, clean it up and trade it in on a new 62 Wilshire Reissue now that GC is carrying them. (Plus 18 months same as cash financing on Gibson products until the end of April. Win. Win.)


Paid for with PayPal Tuesday morning. The Seller was from Pennsylvania. It arrived Wednesday afternoon (Insanely fast shipping)


Brought it home, dings not that bad, Nicely figured top (these were laminated flame over maple caps in 2000, right?msp_confused.gif)

Gold is kind of tarnished on screws and tail piece which i will be looking to replace with original parts if I can locate (see other thread on the forum if anyone can help with that)


Plugged it into my Fender Blues Junior. WOW!!!


One of the best sounding, best playing guitars in my arsenal.

I have had no experience with EMGs before. What a sound. (I see that they go for $200 new retail. Not bad considering the $295 price tag for the guitar.)


Neck is slim and just fits in my hand perfectly. Even with older strings, it sounds great.

I had no idea what i was missing not having a more traditional Les Paul. (I have the TV Yellow LP Special that was out a few years back, but a different animal)


This is a keeper. Especially for the price.

Looks like I will just have to purchase the Wilshire on it's own.

And now the photos:











Not a great shot but the headstock is pretty clean. A little scratch at the top over the binding.







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