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Please help with identifying this old Gibson acoustic

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My wife and I were given this old Gibson that was her grandfathers. Can any of you guys identify what I have here? There are no stamping serial numbers on the back of the headstock like typical Gibsons and nothing on the inside but some numbers and lettering on the neck block. They are a little faded but the best I can make out is:


D668 6


No other lettering or model identification anywhere on this guitar inside or out. The Grover tuners are replacements and there are some old holes that have been filled and varnished. Looks like the originals were 3-in-a-line but I am not sure. The original bridge pins are white and sort of messed up so the bridge pins in the pictures are some I had that I used when I re-strung it.



Nut Width: 1 11/15"

Upper Bout (Top): 11 1/2"

Upper Bout (Side Width): 4"

Middle (Top): 10 3/4"

Middle (Side Width): 4 3/8"

Lower Bout: 16"

Lower Bout Side Width): 4 3/4"





















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I'm not the expert around here, but I would post this up on the Acoustic Forum. Those guys can really I.D. if for you.

With my limited knowledge here's my two cents but there's too much I do not know-

The tuners have been replaced. These are newer tuners not the era of the guitar and you can see the old holes.

There looks to be a few more numbers inked on the block.

From the reference I have the D prefix dates it to 1938.

The pickguard looks like something from the late 50's and there appears to be cracks beneath it.

The decal logo should narrow it down also.

The belly up bridge. I'm not sure when they appeared.

Good luck.

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