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First Post - NGD!

Looney Tune

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I got this about a week ago, but I have only just found time to post this.


I went to my local music shop to buy a new amp,after a little while I bought a Blackstar HT Studio 20. They allowed me to use a Les Paul to test the amp out. I walked out of the store and knew I needed the Les Paul. The next day I went straight back and bought it. Not too common in the UK and this was the first one I have seen in a long time with a Koa top.


2013 Les Paul Standard with a Koa top and a vintage Cherry Burst.









Any questions welcome.

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Thanks for the replies guys. This is my first Les Paul. I have been playing acoustic guitar exclusively since I was about 14. 11 years later and I pulled out my old Strat. My amp then died and the Strat felt so uncomfortable for me to play. Well the snowball effect happened and I ended up with this. It is more guitar than I need, but I have always loved the aesthetics of guitars (which is why I went for the Koa top) and every guitarist at some point in their life needs a Les Paul.

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1367249787[/url]' post='1368244']

What an AMAZING slab of wood!


Fantastic figure and colour.


I've missed out on hearing about those. There doesn't seem to be any info on the Gibson LP gearpage.


Many Congrats!





You've missed http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Standard.aspx, Upgrade options in right-hand column.

Several nice tops there...



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Guest Farnsbarns

I'm not surprised you've had no time. I guess a lot of time has gone into playing it, the rest into drewling and pinching yourself.



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That top just gave me a chubby! [thumbup]


Ha lol.


It's weird getting used to the LP as the only electric guitar I have had before that was a Strat. My first thoughts is how much easier the guitar plays. Although the scale length difference isn't massive it is noticeable. I am used to 25.5" scale length on acoustics so getting the LP with almost an inch less makes bending a dream. I am using a standard set of 10's at the moment but I am tempted to try a set of 9's next. I am also still working out the coil tap and other pick up features and how to make the most of it.

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