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Rush? No. Otis Rush


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Oh YES!! Hear ye, hear ye.....the man! And LOOK - the guitar is upside down....

I was playing some Otis in the car on way home from work today - "Ain't Enough Comin' In" from the 90s - which was when I finally got to see him playing, with a similar band as in the clip above (not the same drummer - this guy's better!). Robert Plant was standing about 5 people away from me at that gig; he got interviewed afterwards, don't think Otis did though....same old blues....!

One of the true greats of electric Chicago blues and an incredible singer. Clapton and Peter Green learned a lot off his records. The Cobra sides (on a CD called "Good 'Uns") are amazing.

He is getting on now, must be in his late 70s..?

I am just glad to have watched that stinging left-handed guitar close up; I still think about it and get inspired.

Thanks for this one.

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