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Alnico bass speakers!

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Check out these Alnico bass speakers that Weber Speakers is thinking about producing:




For those unfamiliar with Alnico, it is a kind of magnet used to make speakers and pickups. Most modern bass speakers are made from ceramic, which can sound lifeless and stale, and when pushed hard go from clean to unpleasant harsh distortion very quickly.


With Alnico, the speaker gradually distorts in a warm and pleasant way as you turn up the amp's volume. They are much more pleasant to the ear.


If you want these speakers to be produced, please go to the bottom of this Weber Speaker suggestion page linked below and request the speakers with the link above:



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Link doesn't appear to be working.


I thought the trend today was towards using neodymium magnets as they offer higher levels of power for much reduced weight - particularly useful in bass speaker systems.

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