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First time Gibson owner - Problems with min-Etune

Craig Mackay

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to this board having just bought my first ever Gibson. A 2013 SG Standard with min-Etune. Love the guitar but I seem to be having problems with min-Etune and wanted to ask if anyone else has the same trouble. It always tunes the guitar slightly sharper than it should in every tuning. The strings are all in tune relative to each other so it works for casual playing but I couldn't rely on it for studio or live use.


Does anyone know how to calibrate min-Etune? Page eight of the manual says to refer to page 28 to see how to calibrate it but there is no page 28 on the manual. #-o


Currently, I have set up a couple of custom tunings in the custom bank but it means I'll only have a potential 6 tunings to choose from (probably enough for my uses anyway) rather than 18.


Thanks for reading and any help!


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