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Help with my Korean? Epiphone

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I have been pretty much unsuccessful finding anything on this guitar, short of one or two posts from others several years ago who also had acoustics somewhat similar to mine. In the end, I wasn't able to discern much so maybe someone here can help shed a bit of light. History is that my grandmother purchased it some time ago from a local shop (who apparently failed to keep perfect records, as they were clueless) for my grandfather... it still has the tags on it from when they purchased it, so needless to say it didn't see any action. Anyhow, it's mine now, and I am interested in seeing what I can learn about it, and hope to learn to play a bit as well... tag inside says PR 325 with a 10 digit serial number which looks to begin with "88," or "83," heck, could even say "33," but I doubt it...(8810000072) it didn't come up in the serial checker I found online, and has no letter prefix, nor "Made in Korea" on the tag inside. here are some photos; thanks in advance!!! Carl









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