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Does 61 reissue have the long shaft or short shaft pots?


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I add CTS 500k and better caps to all my guitars. They sound clearer and the knobs volume & tone controls work better. Best caps I used were some Jensen papr & oil. I've also used Mallory, Hovland, and some of the different boutique maker's home brewed caps. In the end, a good set of orange drops work just as well and are an improvement over the ceramic stock caps. For .12 cents a cap and $5 a pot, why not try it out? I will say that I do not care for 50's wiring. It does make the tone/volume work as best they can for rolling off, but to my ears it was at the sacrifice of some bottom end and output. I don't use the knobs a whole lot and I find I just prefer modern wiring.

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