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L. R. Baggs Lyric Bridge Plate Microphone Installation, Demo and Review


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It took me about 45 minutes to install the lyric in my J-45 - already had the end-block drilled out from a previous pickup.Put the battery bag against the neck block rather than the body, as Brian did in this video. Already had a few wire clips from the previous pickups and I was able to use those - but doing so meant that the volume wheel is now installed on the passenger side of the soundhole. As pickups go, I like it - especially liking that it does not muff up the soundhole, as the previous Seymour Duncan did - although that was a pretty good pickup too. The Lyric works great in the J-45 without much putzing around with EQ at all, and has no undersaddle quakiness or scooping sound that I deplore. Easy install, if the end pin hole is already drilled.


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