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Ike and Val - "Sweet Home Chicago"


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Ah, Blue Jean Blues in Ft. Lauderdale, very cool place. Mostly Jazz, lots of blues too though. I saw Val sing with Bobby Nathan last Summer (July/August?). Spoke to her for a bit, that lady can WAIL!.


Last time I was there, the act was the Jeff Prine band. He was playing a beautiful 52 Les Paul (yep, first year, had me fooled as he'd removed the tail piece for playability). And a friend of his (name I can't recall) was playing a 59 D'Angelico. Can't recall their vocalist's name, she was good, but not the powerhouse Val is.


There's another club roughly across the street called Fishtales, saw Bobby Nathan's band there again, a blues jam night, just before I left S. FL this last time. I miss it down there, feels like a second home, lots of great talent too. One more (sometimes) Blues Bar a stones throw from these, the Dive Bar. Great area to hear some great music!

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