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I was taking my wife to her fathers house, about 10,minutes from us.

On the way we passed a yard sale. I was driving, so didn't pay much attention.

She said 'theres a brown guitar case like your Gibson' .

We drove on and I dropped her off. Then straight back to the house sale.

I saw the case from 20 meters away....whoa I said,what do we have here.

There was a woman looking at the guitar, as I walked up, the woman put it back and walked away.

I looked at the case and thought ...nice..opened it up and HOLY COW! A Martin 00-18c 1962.

First observation was damage to the top and side - all fixable. 'How much for the guitar?' I asked

Oh, $25! I looked it over and said,'would you take $20?' he said yes, and here it is.












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Ah... the thrill of the hunt. I think it's one of many factors influencing GAS. May have something to do with how the male brain is wired. I can only imagine the crosshairs superimposed on your eyes, brain processing, as you approached that case. I bet you thought "what if the woman looking at it before me says "I'll take it"?


Congrats to you, & kudos to your lady for keeping an eye out for you. But caution: This is one way Collections "happen". When a deal like this presents itself, what else can you do? It's a Must Buy situation.


A very cool find. I love it when that happens.


btw: You're going to need a good luthier.

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Interestingly, when we first passed the yard sale, according to the wife, there was a second

guitar in a gig bag. When I got back only 5 mins later it was nowhere to be seen...still, cant help wonder what was in that was

bag...1950 J-45 in mint condition only $30..I am dreaming now.

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Sweet! I hate you but SWEET!

Looks very fixable and my experience with nice guitars like that when they get fixed they reward you with great sound.

Congrats on pulling off the crime ofthe century.

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As everyone drives around looking for guitar cases out of the corner of their eyes......



When I bought a new case for my old Dobro, the sad, sad case I bought it with and lumped around with no handle for years was put out on what my local council call hard rubbish day (everyone puts their junk out the front and a fleet of trucks (plus pirates and scavengers) take it away.


I leaned my case on an old bike and the hound dog and I sat back in my office and watched the commotion and some very dangerous driving to get to the empty guitar case, but someone took it while another person took a wheel off the bike and left the rest!


I thought I would mention this before you cause a multi-vehicle prang while U-Turning....






Even though I am reasonably new at it, I think I could spot an old Gibson or even an old Gibson case at aprrox 5000 ft.

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