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Truss Rod Cover

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I thought about changing my cover from SG to the Standard cover for the Les Paul. I'm guessing they are the same size?


It depends what era you want to evoke. Gibson puts "Les Paul" truss rod covers on their "historical" SGs, but SGs with a Lyre or "Maestro" vibrato should have a plain truss rod cover. The Les Paul cover would be appropriate on the SG's with the ancient sideways vibrato, I believe.

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Which SG "Standard" do you own? '61 Reissue (small pickguard, wider/deeper beveling),

or "Batwing"(Pickguard) model...which usually had either a plain TRC, or (later) "SG" TRC.


The "Les Paul" Truss Rod Cover was used from '61, until sometime in '63, when the factory

exhausted it's supply. Les Paul's "endorsement" deal, with Gibson expired in '62,

but the factory used the "Les Paul" TRC's until they ran out of them. The Lyre/Maestro

vibrola was introduced on the SG in '62, but there were "transitional" instruments,

with either the sideways vibrola of '61, or the new Lyre, at the time. Some early '62's

had sideways vibrola's, some had Lyre/Maestro's.


However, it's Your guitar...use whatever TRC you want...plain, or "Les Paul!" [biggrin]



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Dallastx got a ebony Batwing PG SG standard if i remember correctly. And he wants to put on a TRC that says Standard, like on the LP Standard. Like you say Dallastx i guess it would fit, but i ain't 100% certain.

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