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Guest Farnsbarns

When I was about 16 I bought the first guitar I had my own money for and without any parental guidance. I had no clue really, I'd heard of a les paul and I knew what a strat was 'coz I'd had a cheap copy. I think I did pretty well, got a cherry red, Korean epi sg. About 7 years ago I let my nephew have it on permanent loan.


Since he's lost interest I asked if I could take it home as a project and he was fine so I have.


It is in a state now. Plenty of dings chips and cracks (yes it's a poly finish, dunno how he did that).


I'm going to go to town... Refret, new pups pots and switches, a refinish, the works.


It's about 20 years old now, and you can tell.

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