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National Guitar "HotPlate' pickup


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I was reading the thread on the new 'Amulet' installation and I was thinking how it would be great if someone could think of something like this National Hotplate - you just unscrew the old cone cover plate and screw on the HotPlate, which has pickup, volume, tone and plug all in one. One needed for the old (J45?).


I know it has been around for a while, but it is brilliant - Mike Dowling worked on it for National. Some people don't like the actual pickup apparently, but.....





Anyone here have one?




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There is one for an old J-45. It is called a DeArmond 210. Only a volume control but if you want to add a tone control go with a Kent WC-18. But you will hear the same complaint about these as you do about the Hot Plate - although convenient not the most acoustic sounding pickup.

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