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Twiz...   When we stop learning, we've functionally passed on. Personally I hope that in my case, the two are concurrent.   Learning is what life's all about.   BTW, you talk about your parents.

I had my first lesson Feb. 1, 2011. So I've been playing or attempting to for two years and three months! I started off on a Taylor 314ce and my daughters 96 Les Paul Special. The Taylor now resides i

I've been playing since 1956.   First real guitar was one of these (Hoyer Herr im Frack):     Then I moved on to one of these (Hofner Committee):     Then I moved on to one of these (Guild

Although I took a few group lessons with a rented Squier Bullet in 1989, I really started in 1991 when I went to college. I bought a beat up 1978 Ibanez Musician from the local music store in Duluth, MN and used my boom box as an amplifier.


I ended up purchasing a Crate 15R amp that next summer.


That guitar was awesome, neck-thru, sustain machine and hot pickups. Sadly, I traded that guitar in on a MIM Strat (which was traded in for an Epi Les Paul which was traded in for my American Strat). I recently was able to purchase another Musician on eBay to replace the original, at 3 times what I originally paid.



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