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Whats not original on my R7 Goldtop & What year is it?


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I just bought a Gold Top serial # 7 0032 and I could use some help figuring out what is or isn't original on it and the year it is, I have looked at quite a few and mine isn't exactly like any particular year I have seen. It looks like its either a 2000 or a 2010 from the serial number to me but I could use some input to be sure. It has R7 in the control cavity but it doesn't have Bumble Bee caps like most I have seen, the pots have Gibson on them and the caps are the small brownish gold dipped style. It has a long neck tenion and patent applied for stickers on the pickups only, I have seen some with the PAF sticker and a Burst Bucker sticker too but mine has the paf only. The case it came with has blue interior like the old 80s protector case.Any help would be appreciated,

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Looks just like my 1998 R7. It had that rose tint switch washer. The tuner knobs are that same green tint too. The rounded trapezoid markers too. I'll bet it's a 2000 R7. They are supposed to have a RFID chip in the neck joint. You can go to an authorized Gibson shop I think and have them read it for verification. Mine came with the custom shop branded case.

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The serial number refers in our database also to a 1957 Les Paul Goldtop, in antique gold, with nickel hardware, from the year 2000.


The specs of this model back then were as follows:


New Gibson fully adjustable, ABR-1 bridge for greater sustaining power


-Height adjustable stopbar tailpiece


-Two ’57 classic PAF reissue humbucking pickups


-Each pickup has separate tone and volume controls


-Three position toggle switch activates either or both pickups


-Tone can be preset to any desired quality


-No dead noted,, just clear sustaining tone in all positions


No buildup of synthetic tone or feedback


-22 fret fingerboard


-Body size: length 17 ¼ “; width 12 ¾”; scale length 24 ¾ “


-Gibson’s adjustable truss rod neck construction


-Case for above instrument-163 Faultless




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