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1956 ES-225T


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1956 ES-225T


I like this one better than the ES-125. The thin body is certainly one of the reason I like it so much. And the P-90 sounds really cool on this! :)


















It's certainly been gigged a bunch duiring its life:





Does this neck joint look normal, or was this repaired at some point?




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Was not familiar with that model. The ES-125T is very similar, thin body, one P-90, but I notice on this 225 the pickup is moved to the middle of the body more. The 125 the single pickup is where we would usually say is the "neck" position.


That neck joint looks OK to me from the photo - just well worn like the rest of the guitar. Although the strap button has been moved from the usual location at the heel of the neck? Does it feel stable if you put some pressure on it? Just curious, with only one pick-up what does the toggle switch do?


Another modifier from the collection - looks like Grover tuners, and that compensated bridge wasn't around in 1956 either.

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