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OK guys, I'm planning on a full on electronics swap in my '05 Korean Epi Les Paul. I love 70's-ish classic/blues driven rock. Stuff like Allman Bros, Guns & Roses, Aerosmith, KISS, Zep, etc...


A pair of BB 1 & 2 pups(nickel covers) surfaced on craig's for 150 for the set. I'd think these'd be a good upgrade from my open coil Epiphone "Alnico Classic" pups


Whatcha think? deal or no deal? [tongue]

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I'm currently watching a couple of Burstbucker Pros on Ebay which I may go for. I have them on my Epi Joe Bonamassa and love them to death.

Tone is a very personal thing indeed, but all I can say I love the tones I can get with them on my JB Signature. I just bought a new Tommy Thayer Epi Signature and was thinking about replacing the two 498Ts on that with Burstbuckers, hence watching the pair on Ebay.

As for the ones you're eyeing up second hand at £100, if it were me I'd pay the extra and go for a new pair just to be sure all is ok.

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Funny thing ...


I recently picked up an '07 Studio with BB Pros. Sounded close to, but a bit hotter than the '57 PAFs in my B7. Almost identical to the ProBuckers in my Epi LP Std+ PRO. Maybe a little more organic, but that could be the different wood too.


I have the BB Pros sitting on my desk b/c I swapped them out and installed 490R/498T. I like these better! Still organic, a bit hotter but capable of more raunchy - just what I wanted.


I'm considering putting the BB Pros in the Ultra-339 in place of the ProBuckers it has ... I'm really curious how different these really are from each other. I wish it wasn't such a pain to swap.


Anyway, the point is that in reality, in 3 LPs, "57 PAFs", 490/498, BB Pros and Epi ProBuckers are closer in sound than they are different.


IMO, of course.

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I don't have how to know if those are right for no one.


I would look into other brands of pickups in your place, the majors being Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan.

With a Dimarzio Super Distortion on your bridge, you're going to see whats your instrument is really made of.

Specially if you're an Ace/Allman/Led fan.

I think the BBs might be around that kind of specs.

But I'm not sure.


You would certainly be happy with a 490R/498T. That I can say with some more chance of success.


I have recently played some Dirty Fingers, it can be somehow over the top, but I found nothing of mysterious

in it. You can control very well your gain from your pot so you wont drown your neck pickup or the rest of

the band, and still have a very nice boost for a solo, with a cool compression as well, I wonder how they

made for it not to beep the whole time actually.

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