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I just got a wonderful present from a friend, an old Gibson Guitar. The Guitar is in a quite good shape, but I wanted to get it completely

restored by a specialist and for this I wanted to know exactely which model it is and what the original specs were. Because very often in time some guitars are tuned up and this is

often not the best for them. So I want it restored as it originally was. Just for the history of the guitar my friend bought it used in Switzerland from an american professional guitarist somewhere in the eighties.


It would be great if you could send me the original specs.


I thank you guys all in advance for you help and here come a few pictures of the guitar.


Best regards















post-56825-025914900 1368615815_thumb.jpg

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Serial number is 80529644


It looks to be a fairly stock 1989 Les Paul Special. But I don't know if that model came with a bridge and tailpiece or just a tailpiece. I also don't know what kind of tuners it should have. The pickguard and pickups look true to what it is but we would need to see more detailed pics. You might try showing it to a specialist.

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