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New J45 Custom


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Wife's on vacation, she won't know for a while.

No no no, that's not how its done. [-X You must start planting seeds weeks in advance. Leave some printouts on the dinner table of a $10,000 plus vintage at Gruhn's or something. Start a conversation along the lines of - "Good lord, I can't believe some guys spend X$ on a single guitar - that's just insane, what would you think is a reasonable number? I would think a guy could find a very nice instrument for 3 or 4 thousand." Very important to refer to the guitar as an "instrument", makes as though the topic of the conversation is centered around wisdom, and responsibility, instead of the mis-direction it really is. 8-[ Good luck.

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Thanks folks.


Really diggin' this bad boy.


I did play a few J35s and found them extremely nice, especially at their price point.

I was very close to pulling the trigger on a J35, however the Adi top of the J45 won me, and my wallet, over in the end.

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Visited my local Gibson dealer with the intent to try out the new J35 and came home with this:




2013 J45 Adirondack in Sunset Burst.


Wow, is all I can say.

I have just done the same thing, shopping for a J35 and ended up with J45. Although I love everything about my guitar its the smell when I open the case that gets me, Its like a sexy woman's perfume. My mates don't get it, when I tell them about the smell. Maybe its just me ah?

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