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Been MIA for quite some time from this, one of my old haunts. No particular reason, just elsewhere doing otherwise. Moved into some new digs last month not far from where we were. Geez but moving is a p.i.t.a., as I'm sure most of you know. Haven't been playing guitar much in the last months as my itch to do so waxes and wanes. I suppose I am now a heretic as I have divested myself of my Gibson instruments and now have but the one Martin D-18V. Wasn't a financial motive that moved me to this, just the fact that I have never been one to hold onto material things I no longer have need of...........the Martin won the "which one do I keep" competition.


So I thought I'd pop in and say hello once again if nothing more. I suppose some of the old hands that I knew here have moved on, and I reckon there's a gaggle of new folks hereabouts I've not encountered. Anyway, here's a Saturday video of a tune from 2005.......on the Martin with one of those Red Bear picks Nick was never too sure of. And here's hoping my Gibson Forum card is still valid for the time being at least.



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Welcome back Buc !


Great to see you here and in particular your tunes. Thats a really, really good track, love the mood and feel. Gotta say that D-18 sounds splendid, and hope you will pop a bit more often.


Gibson membership still stands !

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Howdy Buc! Was it the Red Bear or Blue Chip? I think the latter, as I think of and thank you whenever I flatpick melodies on my D18, for the TPR60 you gave me. It produces such an 'electric' mellow tone, but doesn't do likewise on my last Gibson holdout. That needs the sharper more springy Dunlop Ultex.


Thought I'd thank you again, glad to hear you're still moving forward. Hope that flatpickin' flu hits you hard soon.


Best regards, Dave.

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Buc, you old rattlesnake! Good to hear from you. We just moved a month ago. Every time, I say 'never again', so I feel your pain. Sorry you've thinned the herd, culling your Gibbies. I'm always impressed by true musicians who can become true minimalists. I'm down to 2 from 3 but Jonesing for a J45 Custom. No logical reason. Please stay on here, even if only lurking in the background.

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