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LP Studio 50s tribute humbucker discontinued?


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Heyo people :P


I was just looking on Thomann for the 50s tribute humbucker and they werent there. Does this mean that they have been discontinued? Sad cause i was gonna buy one next week :-(

Yup...discontinued, I bought one at Christmas, ended up with a warped neck, fortunately my warranty covers a replacement. Found out it was discontinued, so the replacement was the next step up in Les Paul's which is a 60's tribute Les Paul...not a studio. Waiting for it to come in, it's been a couple of weeks now. Can't wait to get it...

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They do that a lot make short run limited editions.


Probably cuz the plant aint big enough to just make everything all the time.


So will there be any other limited runs like the 50s tribute in the future with the same price?

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