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Possible Band Breakthrough

Twang Gang

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I have been hacking around with some guys for several years - they aren't great players, and they only get a couple gigs a year, but they're fun to be around and we often get a good synergy going when playing together. They lost their bass player several months ago, so when we get together to rehearse there hasn't been any bottom end. The frontman who writes a lot of the material and sings lead has never touched a bass in his life until last Thursday.


I was over at his place and we were playing and working on vocal harmonies. After a break he decided he would try to play bass for the first time. I don't know if it was a total fluke, but it sounded great. He played a lot of wrong notes, but just adding the bottom to the sound made a huge difference. At the same time eliminating his rhythm guitar playing cleaned up the sound immensely and we sounded so much better than we have in months. Can't wait to try it with drummer and keyboard player next time we get together.


Anyone ever make a band change like that and have it work out for the better?

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