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The Doors were one of those bands that, at a time when we were chin deep in what are now the classic rock legends, you either loved or hated. Ray's signature whiny keyboards and keyboard bass were like a stamp. You heard that and there was no question who that was. (This by no means takes away from Krieger and Densmore).


I was always a huge Doors fan and couldn't wait to hear what came next. Even their more obscure stuff, as it stretched their unique approach.


RIP Ray, and thanks for the music and memories


+1 Big Time........

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Man that's sad...


I was lucky enough to see them with Ian Astbury a few years back (he did a great job).. But the rest of the band was there and each had a solo spot and it was a delight to hear them...


Times they are a changing... that's for sure.



R.I.P Ray.



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Guest Farnsbarns

These threads come up on a weekly basis these days. Honestly, this is the first one that really made the blood run out of my head.


RIP Ray, a true genius and a really good man.

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This dying stuff, is getting to "common," these days! Another sign, you're getting old(er)! [cursing][crying]



I commented in another thread some time ago that I remember when all of my rock hero's were dying of drug overdoses or alcohol related incidents. Now they're all dying of cancer and heart attacks. I'm sure that "aging" is a factor, no?

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