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Truss Rod Cover


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I've also bought about 12 from the guy out of Canada. He does great work and I've never had a problem with any of them fitting or any problems receiving them. It takes about two weeks to get them if you live in the States. He has premade designs and he will also custom make a design if you have something different that you'd like.

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A personalized t.r. cover is a good idea. I have a few in different materials, but prefer them to stay in shape.


Brass for the Bird*.


Grateful Dead-like ornamented metal on the '66 re-necked C&W.


Brown and black leather on a few others.











*Admit that idea came from K.S. Daddy's ol' square S.J.

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Yes I did one putting my wife's name on it. After that, the J45 became her favorite (and it helps with future purchases).


I can't find my old old old post on it, but I know I tried


-http://www.terrapinguitars.com, the engraving was good but the truss rod was not a match for the gibson one, so either I sent him a blank one or he located one and recut it. It was a good job.


-Also I had an ebay place do one (don't know who) it was a good job), and I


- took a blank gibson truss rod to a jeweler she did a great job.


I think any advice that I can give,


1) remove and save the original,

2) if needed buy a few blanks from gibson.

3) Communicate well with any company to insure it is an exact gibson truss rod replacement.




Good luck.

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I had a custom TRC done, literally! I had "Custom" engraved on a TRC and applied it to my J200. I had put gold imperials on it and the flame maple is such that the guitar really looks like a custom model! I moved the "Standard" TRC to my Songwriter. The Songwriter pre-dates the "Standard" and "Studio" models they have for the SWD now and would be classified as a "Standard" model. Just a note that I'm not misrepresenting my guitars in any way except to myself. :)





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