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Kalamazoo made solid bodies


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Just wondering if anyone else here has one (or more) from the 60's Crestwood, Coronet, Wilshire, Olympic family of Kalamazoo made Epi solid bodies?


I enjoy reading about your semi-solids and hollow body guitars and the modern solids but am interested in hearing the views of others who play these mighty Michigan made machines ...unless I'm the lone ranger here :unsure:



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...unless I'm the lone ranger here :unsure:

Not hardly.


My first Epi and first guitar was exactly like this in '64.......B.C. (Before Cassettes):




I was in my teens at the time and that Olympic was the coolest guitar I'd ever seen.

Cost me $125 including a hard shell case.

Sold it in "72. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Haven't sold one of my guitars since.



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I had a 64/65 batwing Coronet for a while when I was really into Steve Marriot. It was the closest I could find to his earlier Dwight model. It played nice but I found the single P90 configuration a bit one dimensional. Good for all out rock, but not for much else. I've got the '66 Wilshire re-issue now and I like that better. I don't like it enough to buy a 60's original at the kind of prices they sell for in the UK these days though.

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Thanks guys.


Yes, I think these are a really good thing and am thoroughly enjoying mine. It has an old mini-HB which is a gem - great variety of tones, and a very nice tapered neck. When you look at the specs its all 1960's SGs except shape (which I like - as I do SGs) and pick-ups - where I probably prefer the mini over the full HB anyway. At around the price of late 2000's USA Strat I find this real bargain versus other well made/top materials 60's solid guitars (IMHO) [thumbup]


Would love a polaris white Crestwood one day!

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