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1991 USA SG JR?


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I am looking to trade for this guitar. The owner says it is a 1991 usa built SG jr. This guitar has a Les Paul signature on the headstock. I can not find any other 1991 SG Jr with this headstock signature. Is this the guitar he says it is. Or maybe a different neck? Any help would be appreciated.

post-57063-090259400 1369237849_thumb.jpg

post-57063-016273400 1369237863_thumb.jpg

post-57063-056953100 1369237872_thumb.jpg

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The first thing I'd recommend would be to check the serial number with Gibson. You can contact them at this link, or check the serial number here.


One thing, the nut on that guitar looks kinda wonky. Ask the owner if he/she had it replaced.


I just got my first Jr. Nothing special, just a mid-00's reissue, but I love that thing. Juniors are great guitars. That's cool that the one you posted has a tune-o-matic bridge. Good luck!

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