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Question About NGD


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So I just got a Epiphone 60's Tribute...ordered it online...love the pickups and how the neck feels, but there's something funky going on with the fretboard...from the end of the board all the way down to about the 7th fret there's not much grain but it does run horizontal and parallel to the fretboard. But from here down to the first fret the grain pattern runs more vertical and at a 45 degree angle. There's so much grain I thought it was scratched but now I'm not sure if its that or just the natural grain.


I've never seen grain run at that angle on any guitar have you?





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Welcome to the Forum !

looks like they took a piece from where a large limb met the trunk of the tree (known as "crotch wood"), that would explain the straight AND angled grain patterns.

if that's the case, your board should be rock hard and last forever !!


i LOVE interesting fb's !!

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