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Straight into a Yamaha PA. No EQ. Friend of mine runs a music store, stayed late so I could plug in the stereo Trance and play. Elixer Nanoweb 80/20s/13s. The whole guitar is tuned down a whole step - then into drop-D. Plugged into a beefy PA system this pickup and guitar really do sound just flipping outstanding. The Elixers on this guitar were a compromise, to reduce string screech - the pickup sensitivity demanded that I clean up my playing style a bit. Ordered some Tony Rice Martin Monel strings and waiting to give these a whirl.


I'm not a pro, and I'm not an audiophile, and play in just a handful of relatively quiet venues from time to time, but I cannot endorse this pickup strongly enough. Had MV install the Trance Mono in the SJ when I ordered it, and its a winner too.

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