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Gibson es-335 with Line 6 Spider IV 15 15W 1x8


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It's a very subjective thing and I guess the answer is to try to find somewhere you can demo the amps for yourself, but my impression of the Spider amps is that they do modern, cranked Mesa and Marshall type sounds very well but are a little dull and one dimensional for clean tones.


My preferred budget amp for great clean tones is the Fender Super Champ (currently the X2 model), a two channel amp with one channel entirely valve based and the other with digital models programmed in. You get the warmth, sparkle and dynamic response of a valve amp with the flexibility of a modelling amp. I have one of the older models as a home practice amp and on the clean channel, although I can hear the difference between this amp and my '65 Reissue Princeton, the Super Champ comes surprisingly close considering the difference in price. Although I'd class it as a budget amp it's still a lot more expensive than the Line 6 - but that's a nice guitar you have there and the Super Champ would give it a chance to shine.


Looking at more direct comparisons, I find I much prefer the Vox VT range of modelling amps to the Line 6 for clean sounds, and the Fender Mustangs aren't at all bad either, lots of effort gone into the Fender based voices and well worth looking into.


As I say, only my opinion and the next guy might tell you the Line 6 is perfect for jazz sounds - so best to try them if you can.

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