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2012 J-45 TV


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I have a J45-TV that has a label showing it was made in 2012 (it doesn't actually say that but I know how to read the Gibson labels). Are there any changes that anyone is aware of from what Gibson has on their website about the TV J45 current model? Or is it all the same info for a 2012 also? Is there anything more that I can figure out by reading the serial numbers about it? I'm mostly curious about the adirondack spruce top.


Thanks in advance,




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The 2nd, 3rd, & 4th numbers will tell you the date it was finished (ie: 001 would be January 1 .... 030 would be January 30). The final 3 numbers indicate the number as it came up for serial number assignment that day (ie: 022 was the 22nd instrument labeled that day).



Also the paperwork that comes with a new Gibson will have a produce code that, when decoded, tells plenty about the instrument. By example the Blues King product code is LABKVSNHI ... so look for something like that. Others here, more savy than I, can help you decode if you'll post that number.


Enjoy your J45 .... the TVs are wonderful.

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