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New bass project day


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Picked up an '09 Les Paul Traditional yesterday, along with an Epi Tele T-310 thing and this bass. I figure I have fifty bucks into it. I feel kinda odd being a 52 year old non devil worshiper and owning this bass, but hey....


"They" stripped the finish off the back of the body (only) and also started sanding the neck. I'm contemplating spraying it fluorescent green or something equally as loud. If it's going to be over the top, it may as well be way over the top.


Like many Korean guitars from the 80s (ish), the bridges are made from some kind of cheap powder cast metal that is very soft, and flexes and eventually cracks. I've seen more than one Korean dive bombing tremolo become twisted and distorted and useless. The bridge plate on this one is about ready to explode. It's lifted up about 1/4" on the lower edge. I found a heavy black plate on ebay for $10 shipped, and I believe I can re-use my saddles. A new complete bridge could be had for under $30 but I'm just being thrifty.


It has black SG knobs with inserts. Too bad they weren't cracked and ruined, I could likely sell them for half what I have into the bass...



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The tv is the family 1960 GE b&w. that's the tv I watched the Beatles on. The arch top is a '77 Gretsch Country Club.


And that TV will still be working after all of y'all's flat top TVs are filling up the empty space of your local land fill.... that and your grand kids's flat tops. Those old GE's and Philcos are bullet proof.

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