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Recordings are pictures of the song the way we did it that day. Songs heard are pictures of where we were and what we were doing when we first heard the song. Usually.


So anyway, we were somewhere just west of Limon CO on 70, headed for the big right turn followed by big left turn down into Denver, one of our seriously most favorite place on our interstates in this country, I love that section. It was this past February, so the snow fences were working and the mountains were starting to...just do that thing. And this song came on, first time we heard it.


Then we were on 15 headed from Yellowstone down to Death Valley CA, so Salt Lake was our hoped for stop. It was about 9pm, so fully dark, and we started down towards the valley that Salt Lake is in. When you look down south through there it is an awesome scene in daylight, but MAN it was just otherworldy at night, you have no idea how big the Salt Lake valley is and how populated it is until you see those lights. And this song came on, second time we heard it. And I said "Mrs, I gotta get this on the ipod when we get home."


So hate new country(like me) all you want, when them guys in NewLosNashVegasAngelesYorkVille get it right, they really kill it. Drums come straight out between the two main singers, punch you in the forehead. Great performance, really restrained, terrific snare pop. The band is one with the singers, even though chances are nobody on the record ever even saw each other, but it's that well put together. Guitar solo ain't bad either!


So on the Highway, listening to The Highway on the satellite, The Highway came on. Awesome. Heard it a bunch on 40 coming back, it was getting more play. Way way way much better in the headphones. Great job Nashville, you guys rock. Sometimes.





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