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dark fader

How to improve the accuracy of the BPMs

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I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I looked inside the database on my memory stick and found that all the BPMs had inaccurate values. Instead of 138, I might see 137.986583663456645 or 138.0097628453246


Now we're living in an age when pretty much all electronic dance music is recorded off-line using bounced-down audio, so the BPMs are as accurate as the medium allows. And the sample rate on a standard WAV or MP3 allows a great deal of accuracy. So I find that about 99.99% of tracks are recorded at an exact BPM. Exactly 128 say, or exactly 140.


This means that the BPMs in the SCS.DJ might drift out slowly over time, degrading the grid accuracy and beat matches.




Before you start, make a copy of the DB file in case something goes wrong. (<your drive>/SCS.4DJ_Database/Stanton_DJ_DB.db). Put the copy somewhere safe on your main drive.


If you want to be even more cautious, back up the whole set of 3 SCS.4DJ folders. You never know, you may lose some cue information or something, I haven't yet worked out all the file formats. I don't care about cue points as much so I wouldn't notice.




1: Get Firefox if you don't have it already.

2: Get the SQLite manager for it. Go to this link in Firefox:




Click 'Add to Firefox' and follow the prompts.


3: After Firefox resets, go to the 'Tools' menu and select 'SQLite manager'

4: Go to the 'Database' menu and click 'Connect Database'

5: Find your hard drive/key in the file window and enter the SCS.4DJ_Database folder.

6: At the bottom of the file window click 'Format' and select 'All files'.

7: Double-click 'Stanton_DJ_DB.db'

8: Click the 'Execute SQL' tab.

9: Copy/paste this into the text area:


update songs set bpm=round(bpm,1), bpm_tapped=round(bpm_tapped,1);


10: click 'Run SQL'


And you're done. Exit the app, eject your drive and try it in the SCS.4DJ. I would be interested in hearing people's experiences. If you want to see what it's doing, click 'songs' on the left under tables just after you load the database (step 7), click 'browse and search' and look at the 'bpm' fields. Then carry out the rest of the instructions and click 'browse and search' again before you close the app (after step 10). Notice how the BPM fields have changed.


If you get an error or you don't like the change, copy the old database you backed up over the top of the one you altered. (Or replace the whole set of directories if you backed them all up.)


STANTON EMPLOYEES: I'm getting good results with this, personally. My grids are solid, until I use the loop feature which appears to be misaligned. But that seems to be a known bug. Can anyone think of a reason why I shouldn't be doing this?

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I'm more interested in any reasons the developers may have for not altering BPMs directly in the database (or hints they may be able to give to stop or limit any damaging effects.) Am I storing up pain for myself at a later date by doing this?


My main problem is that i use a lot of wavs (which don't hold metadata) and previously used another program for managing my MP3s (which didn't update the MP3 tags...) so hacking the database is the only way I can think to get key, BPM, genre, etc. data in to the SCS.4DJ. Fixing calculated BPMs is a bonus.


I'd also love to know the full extent of what the 'bpm_type' column does, and how the cue points and beat grid start position are stored. But I understand if the devs are cagey about divulging that info.

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you guys seriously need to fix the beatgrid issues or i will be forced to move on to another controller. i'm looking at the gemini g2v with virtual dj

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you guys seriously need to fix the beatgrid issues or i will be forced to move on to another controller. i'm looking at the gemini g2v with virtual dj

I have the G2V and I love it, I'm currently working on trying to map it to decadance now. It's slow going. After about 6 months of using it my the only cons are I wish I would of gone with the G4V for the extra decks and I wished it worked with decadance, other than that it has truly changed my djing game completely and has opened my eyes to new possibilities.

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